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Restaurant & Bar

Always home cooked

At Knoppergården we believe that an inn always should serve home cooked food. That is why we are doing exactly that! 

Our chefs cook all food we serve from scratch. Therefore we can tell you about the food and adjust it to fit your allergies and requests; do not hesitate to ask us about the contents.

You can read about what we are offering further down on this page.

Welcome to us!

Information due to Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have closed the buffet and instead serve all food on plates for everyone's safety. We clean the common areas and the card reader frequently and there is also hand sanitizer avaliable in the restaurant.



Our menu is filled with good home cooked food.


Eat inside the restaurant, out on the veranda or ask for take away. Call us to hear about our menu!



Our bar is always open when the restaurant is open. 

We arrange pub evenings and other events. 


We also, of course, have full rights.


Lunch boxes

We have frozen lunch boxes costing 65 SEK each. All food is of course home cooked. Call us to find out what alternatives we are offering right now!



Ice cream

In the restaurant we have Swedens perhaps most delicious single-wrapped ice cream from the Swedish brand SIA. Perfect after your meal, to go with your coffee, or if you need a break during your trip.


Locally made

In the restaurant we have several books and CD's related to the local area for sale.

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